Baranta Health supports various non-profit organizations helping those in need at home and around the world.

Making a Real Difference and Changing Lives.

Baranta’s CEO, Ron Friedman, MD started the the Baranta Health Giving Program to give back to the community and to support various worthwhile causes.

Baranta is a proud sponsor of SHOW. Brian & Kim Saunders started Shared Hope For Orphans Worldwide after spending time in Uganda Africa while adopting 2 orphan boys. After returning home they felt a calling to do more so they started SHOW. Each month Baranta Health helps support SHOW as they feed, clothe and educate orphans in need.

If you are passionate about a worthy cause, Baranta Health may be able to align with you and your charitable cause. Contact us today to learn more.

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Brian Saunders in Africa with SHOW

This picture was taken just 2 days after Eric was sponsored by SHO (Shared Hope for Orphans – Uganda).

Even after getting to school Eric appeared to not fully understand the gift that had been given to him. The teachers rang the bell for the children that board with SHO to come and get food but Eric went and sat by the fence. When approached and ask why, he explained that he could not afford to board at school so he would not be able to eat. Eric was instructed that from now on every time that the bell rings for food he is to go and get food with all the other children.

Brian Saunders explained to Eric that the Baranta Health Giving Program is truly blessing SHO and they are helping to provide food to the orphans and children in need that attend the SHO Uganda School.

Your Efforts Help Hurricane Relief

Your efforts and purchases with Baranta Health have supported relief efforts for our friends in Puerto Rico. Thanks to our manufacturing partner VitaQuest Int., a donation on behalf of Baranta Health has been made to the Puerto Rico Hurricane Disaster Relief Fund.

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